Product Care

Store your artificial jewellery carefully:

Nothing beats the gorgeous artsy look of artificial jewellery. After spending on necklaces and luxury statement rings, it makes sense to get the most out of them. Indian jewelry can change colors in time if it has not been stored or cared fortaking care of how you store them can ensure they last long . *Remember: Sweat will change the colour of the pieces and make them look old. So, it is important that before storing, you wipe off all the sweat from the jewellery pieces and store it at concealed places. *store them in a jewellery box with multiple slots or store them separately in boxes they came in to avoid scratching. Keep away from perfumes & Do not wear your jewellery while taking a shower. There will always be a risk of tarnishing the gorgeous piece or Store your jewelry in a box lined with fabric, or cloth pouches. This will prevent discoloration of the metal, and damage to beads or stones.